Al Dhaheri International

Company overview

Integrity. Expertise. Experience.

These are the characteristics that you can expect from Al Dhaheri International Advocates & Legal Consultants, and these are the same traits that have made us one of the leading law firms in UAE today. As a professional law firm, we offer a comprehensive suite of localised legal and business solutions designed to meet highly specific needs. We possess a lengthy track record of success, dating back to our inception in 2002, driven by the strength of our law expertise and a strong understanding of the legal landscape of the region.

Our team of legal consultants have an average experience of 20 years in their particular fields of speciality, including civil, criminal, commercial, construction and general law. We have high-profile associates hailing from countries all around the world, including India, Germany and Philippines. With our combined experience and proficiency, we are confident that we can deliver reliable, informed legal advice to you, whatever your situation may be.


Our law firm houses some of the best UAE lawyers in the country. Whether you need free legal advice from a divorce lawyer in Dubai or legal representation in Abu Dhabi, our law firm is more than ready to serve you. We offer the following business and legal solutions:

  • Advice and consultation sessions
  • Comprehensive review of business and authorised documents
  • Draft of agreements and contracts
  • Expert representation in local courts
  • Expert representation in arbitration cases
  • Dispute settlement negotiation
  • Assistance and consultation in labour concerns


At our office, We understand that every situation is unique. As such, there is no standard approach to every case. That is why we custom-tailor our services depending on the particular requirements of our clients. Our consultants will sit down with you in an initial consultation to discuss your concerns, review your documents in-depth, and provide you with a detailed opinion on the strength of your case or query, with accompanying free legal advice on the recommended actions you can take.

Never settle for anything less than the absolute best. Partner with one of the premier law firms in the UAE today – Al Dhaheri International.